Lesson Plan - The Grandfather of Love

Lesson Plan - The Grandfather of Love

This lesson plan is part of the Self Efficacy and Indigenous Development Series.  The chapter to which it belongs is entitled "Expressing my Indigenous Identity", and the title of the lesson plan is "The Grandfather of Love".


This lesson plan is for facilitators who work with Indigenous youth or young peoples and families.  The lesson plan has specific expecations and are as follows:


Overall Expectations:


  • Demonstrate understanding of traditional Aboriginal forms of expression and their influence on the portrayal of Aboriginal identity in contemporary art forms.


Specific Expectations:


By the end of this course, students will:

  • Describe the specific characteristics that define cultural identity (e.g., language, customs, teachings)
  • Identify characteristics of art forms (e.g., storytelling, songs,) from various Indigenous groups in Canada.
  • Explain the creation of Indigenous art forms as a way of maintaining the values, traditions, and beliefs of particular communities.
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