ManidooKwe Indego


My English name is Estelle Simard, but my Anishinaabe name is Manidookwe. I am from the Kingfisher Clan and I am an avid cultural learner. I am currently working on my dissertation thought the University of Phoenix. My dissertation is entitled "A Phenomenological Study on Cultural Attachment Theory".

I believe that most if not all Indigenous people seek to know their culture at some point in their lives. Whether that is community, family, land, language, cultural experiences, or any of the cultural structures that exist in Indigenous worldview, we seek to attach. Sometimes it is a yearning to know. A calling that we try to find. The internal desire to know and be a part of our culture is what I think cultural attachment is. The research that I will do, will help me to identify it but also to possibly tell me why that happens and what that could mean for our future generations.

I will share with you what I learn, what I have learned. Hopefully you can teach me, and I can learn from you as well. As I do not know it all, I learn everyday.

Tell me who you are? Why are you here (on this site)? What do you hope to learn?

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